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What is Pura Vida?  The term “Pura Vida” has been present in Costa Rica's vocabulary for over 50 years. It's English translation means “pure life” or “simple life", however its more then just a phrase- it is a way of life. When you stay at La Pura Vida Hideaway that is what we want you to experience - a pure life of quiet, relaxation, and reconnection set to the sounds of nature.  



This A-Frame 2 bedroom, 1 bath, cabin has spiraling steps to the upper and lower floors.  The entry level has a kitchen and living room.  The kitchen is equipped with microwave, range, refrigerator, coffee maker, pots & pans, toaster, blender and tableware.​


Nearby activities range from canoeing, tubing, kayaking, swimming and fishing in the James and Maury Rivers, to hiking Peaks of Otter National Park and the George Washington National Forest, to visiting local antique stores and flea markets, to touring civil war battle fields, vineyards and orchards. 

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3284 Waugh Switch Road

Big Island, VA 24526

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TEL: 434.420.8828

E-MAIL: corydanderson39@gmail.com

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Pura Vida Hideaway